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Buat Teman-teman yang lagi belajar 3D max tentu akan mengalami sedikit kesulitan jika mau menggunakan tools yang ada pada 3D max dengan menggunakan Keyboar, untuk itu kali ini ane mau share shortcut yang ada pada 3D Max.

Action Shortcut Description
Activate Layer (Toggle)
Bend Links Mode
Body Horizontal Selects the center of mass to edit horizontal biped motion
Body Rotation Selects the center of mass to edit biped rotational motion
Body Vertical Selects the center of mass to edit vertical biped motion
Buffer Mode
Change Leg State ++S Toggles foot states of the selected leg at the current frame. View the state change in the leg states displayed on the Biped rollout.
Clear All Animation
Clear Selected Tracks
Collapse Layer
Collapse Move All Mode Changes +M
Copy Posture +C Copies the posture of the selected biped objects to the clipboard.
Create Layer
Delete Layer
Display Biped Trajectory
Display Bones
Display Footstep Number
Display Footsteps
Enable Subanims
Figure Mode
Fix Graphs ++F Searches for any problem in the motion and prompts you whether or not to fix problems it encounters. Problems it looks for include overlapping keys, keys past the end of the footstep range, keys at negative frames, or illegal footstep timing. Click OK when prompted to fix these problems automatically.
Footstep Mode
Free Mode
In Place Mode
In Place X Mode
In Place Y Mode
Load .bip File
Lock Selected Keys (toggle) ++L Toggles locked keys (red) on and off for the selected leg or vertical track key at the current frame. In Track View, you can watch the key turn from red to gray, and back again, as you lock and unlock it.
Manipulate Subanims
Mixer Mode
Motion Flow Mode
Move All Mode
Next Layer
Paste Posture +V Pastes the posture from the clipboard onto the currently selected biped.
Paste Posture Opposite +B Pastes Posture Opposite for the currently selected biped.
Play Biped V Toggles Biped playback.
Previous Layer
Reset all limb keys +K
Rubber Band Mode
Save .bip File
Scale In Transform (toggle) ++E This toggle strips the scale from the biped. Developers should use this when exporting biped objects as regular 3ds Max links through the 3ds Max SDK. Animators should not use this shortcut.
Scale Stride Mode
Set Free Key
Set Key 0 Sets a biped key.
Set Layer Snap Key
Set Multiple Keys
Set Planted Key
Set Range +R Resets the total animation length to the length of the current biped footstep range.
Set Sliding Key
Smooth Twist Mode
Toggle Biped Keys in Track Bar +T
Track View Select end of footstep +D Selects all right edges of the selected footsteps in Track View.
Track View Select entire footstep +S Selects both edges of the selected footsteps in Track View.
Track View Select start of footstep +A Selects all left edges of the selected footsteps in Track View.

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